Privacy Policy for fwtara software

When you use fwtara, you trust us with your information.. In this regard, we work with all our energy to preserve and protect it and give you the full ability to control it.. On this page you can learn about our customers' privacy policies and how you can use fwtara safely

  • Information We Collect: We collect information about visits to fwtara and all pages on website and application. This information includes general information such as browser type, IP address, device type and country. This information is collected for any visitor who visits our site or mobile application, and this information is general information Collected from all visitors

  • Why do we collect this information? We collect this information in order to analyze and count visitors to develop the system according to the information of users fwtara. This information helps us analyze data and improve services to all our customers.. For example, if most of the visits are from the Windows operating system, we pay more attention to the application of the desktop and improving services. for him . The sole purpose of collecting this information is to improve the services and know the interests of customers and meet their needs of billing programs

  • Protection of information and data: Fawtera is committed not to disclose or send any of the data to any other external party, whatever the reason and under any item.. All information is stored on fwtara servers and no third party can access, control or analyze it, and we are committed to this for all customers and visitors for fwtara software.

  • Ways to protect information and data: Fawtera has a lot of safe and stable ways to maintain customer data, which are constantly being developed to preserve customer data.. And if there are any steps that must be taken by the visitor or customer, he will be notified of this through our legitimate ways directly and we help you maintain This is through organized indicative steps - and ways to preserve customer data include encrypting programs, website and applications so as not to allow any third party to access that information - the security system for billing illegal movements tracks on all systems - we review practices and movements, store and treat them in safe ways - no party can External access to customer data other than company employees and those authorized to deal directly with customers or visitors

  • Cookies :
    We use cookies to give you the best possible user experience on fwtara software. A cookie, a tracking log, or a browser log is a small piece of text stored on a user's computer by a browser. A log is made up of one or more name-value pairs that contain bytes Bits of information such as user preferences, shopping cart contents, or other data that billing programs use while visitors and customers browse fwtara.

  • Essential cookies :
    Essential cookies are essential for you to navigate and navigate around the website, and do not store any information that can be used for advertising purposes. Without essential cookies, our website will not function properly.

  • Custom cookies : 
    These cookies store information, such as your personal preferences, and use it to customize a unique experience for you.
    This may include displaying a pop-up only once per visit, saving your language preferences, or allowing you to automatically sign in to some of our features.

  • Analytics cookies : 
    Analytics cookies capture anonymous data so that we can see trends and improve your website experience.
    These allow us to test different builds, and help us determine what breaks if part of our site isn't working.

  • Payment information: All payments made on fwtara software to purchase or subscribe to a program are completely secure and encrypted with the latest layers of protection, and fwtara do not record or save payment transaction data such as payment card data, as all transactions are made through an external website such as Paypal or a company that provides online payment services, and the customer agrees to the privacy policies of these websites and the terms of dealing with and paying through them.

  • Conversations, support and inquiries: All conversations that take place through fwtara and with the support team and the sales team are completely confidential conversations between customers and the company's employees who are authorized to deal with customers. These conversations cannot be disclosed to any external party under any circumstances, and fwtara is obligated to do so. 10
  • url to Third-Party websites: in fwtara website, or application may provide links to external web sites for some of its pages, and Postpaid disclaims any responsibility for the type or content of those websites and the privacy policy of those sites

  • Age Limits Policy: in fwtara, whether applications, website, or any other services, are not directed to children under the age of 18 and they are not responsible for using any fwtara services under this legal age.

  • Subscriptions and newsletters: fwtara works to send mailing to  customers or subscribers to the newsletter for a billing of their own volition. fwtara is committed to giving the customer or visitor the ability to unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time and is committed to the quality and importance of the content that is sent to customers and subscribers

  • Help protect information: For fwtara user, do not give any other party your access data to your subscription to fwtara. Also, the employees and the work team in fwtara who are authorized to provide support and assistance to customers do not ask for any customer information such as passwords or any other secret numbers.

  • Privacy Policy Update: We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time in response to legal, regulatory or operational requirements. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this page. Where such changes are material, we may provide you with specific notice of any such changes (including when they will become effective) in accordance with law. Where applicable (for example, if changes require new data processing based on your prior consent) we will ensure that you have the ability to accept those changes so that you can continue to use our services or refuse - in which case you have the right to cancel your use of fwtara. or continue to use the service.

  • Your rights to the Privacy Policy: You may have the right, under applicable law, to request access to the personal data we have collected about you for the purposes of reviewing, amending, or requesting deletion. You may also have the right to request a copy of the personal data we have collected about you and to have any errors in it corrected. In certain cases, you can also request that we stop processing your personal data.

  • How do I correct information about me? :
    Some fwtara websites operate registration pages that allow you to review and update the personal information you have provided. In other places, you have the option to cancel your membership in the Service. At other times, when you need to correct personal information you provided to a billing website earlier, please contact us.

  • How can I prevent cookies from being stored on my computer? You can change the settings in your browser to ask for permission each time cookies try to access your computer, if you want to accept cookies from billing. Each browser's settings are different. You can search for your browser type and turn off cookies.

  • Communicate with us: Fwtara offers many ways to communicate with the employees and delegates to deal with visitors and members of fwtara and all the services it provides. You can contact via e-mail:

  • Protecting your data is the most important factor for our success: The protection of customer, visitor and guest data for fwtara is very important to us, and we work around the clock to keep your data and business strictly confidential, and this is the most important factor for our success.